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2011-01-17 12:21:00 by O-PCFX

So what I want to say is that since I'm 13 years old (14 In march 2nd) then I'm really busy with my school works so I don't really have much time to make any songs. Sometimes I don't have free time at all... :'(
So I just want to say that if a song wont come out soon it will come out someday. And I'll NEVER stop making songs. So you don't have to worry about that.

Another thing is that I'll probably change my name AGAIN... So the new name will be Kurausu69. I have some users made with that name already, but since I just changed my name to OmegaPCFX. Then I wont change it soon I was just telling you. If I change I'll make a post in here too! Ofc ^^ Happy listening.


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