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What music do I listen to?

2011-02-04 06:26:26 by O-PCFX

Since I'm pretty much extreamly bored right now. I just posted the "OmegaPCFX- Sound of the Light".
And I have nothing to do right now then I'm gonna tell you what music genres/styles I listen to!

My favorite is Dance.
It's my favorite because I like dance leads with drums but NO singing so just PC made dance songs.
2nd place goes to Trance.
3rd place goes to Electro/Electronic.
4th place goes to Techno
5th place goes to House

My favorite artist/musican is ParagonX9 also known as PX9
She makes great dance music with nice tempo drums and NO singing in it :D

So anyway those were the styles I listen to you can comment down below and tell me what music genres you listen to ^^

Happy Listening


2011-02-03 02:47:01 by O-PCFX

I'm sick.... So is that a good thing or bad?

1. No school
2. Lots of lots and lots of free time.
3. No school works.
4. No school works so I have lots of lots and lots............... I said that already -.-"

1. I'm SICK.
2. There is no second! >:O

School / Name

2011-01-17 12:21:00 by O-PCFX

So what I want to say is that since I'm 13 years old (14 In march 2nd) then I'm really busy with my school works so I don't really have much time to make any songs. Sometimes I don't have free time at all... :'(
So I just want to say that if a song wont come out soon it will come out someday. And I'll NEVER stop making songs. So you don't have to worry about that.

Another thing is that I'll probably change my name AGAIN... So the new name will be Kurausu69. I have some users made with that name already, but since I just changed my name to OmegaPCFX. Then I wont change it soon I was just telling you. If I change I'll make a post in here too! Ofc ^^ Happy listening.

3 songs!

2010-12-27 02:32:35 by O-PCFX

So I have 3 songs done already! Hope you liked them! Cuz I know i do and I had a whack doing them! So if you haven't then do those steps.
1. Click on a song.
2. Listen to it.
3. Vote.
4. Write a review.
5. Put as much as stars to me as you think it deserves.
6. Choose another song and do the same steps!

I am OmegaPCFX

2010-12-23 12:45:53 by O-PCFX

Hey! I just joined NG so let us make a big WELCOME!!! to me! ^^ Im making music and I'll post my songs into NG too! For you to rate comment and download! Thanks for reading!